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Zambia - Transforming Rural Livelihoods in Western Zambia –NRWSSP Phase II - ESMP Summary


The program ‘Transforming Rural Livelihoods in Western Zambia – NRWSSP Phase II’ aims to provide sustainable access to water supply and sanitation in sixteen (16) rural districts of Western Province namely Kalabo, Mongu, Sesheke, Shangombo, Kaoma, Lukulu, Senanga, Mwandi, Mulobezi, Sioma, Nalolo, Mitete, Luampa, Nkeyema, Limulunga and Sikongo so as to contribute towards poverty alleviation of Zambia’s rural population and also contribute towards achievement of National Vision targets of universal access to water and sanitation services. The support is part of the broader National Water Supply and Sanitation Program and a continuation of funding from the African Development Bank, the KfW, DANIDA, JICA, UNICEF, among other lenders, for which Phase I is ongoing and coming to a close in December 2014. The proposed program will be implemented over a period of 60 months commencing in 2015.

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