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Ethiopia - Summary of ESIA Report for Tekeze – Humera Irrigation Project - P-ET-AAG-018 - ESIA Summary


The proposed Tekeze-Humera Irrigation Project (THIP) is located within the Tigray National Regional State, Western zone, in Kafta Humera woreda encompassing six rural kebeles, at a locality known as Heilegen. About 30,000 ha of low lying land would be irrigated from the reservoir behind and traditional small-holder mixed farming system based on rain fed and livestock husbandry would be transformed into a commercially-oriented agricultural system, based on re-organized small and large scale farms. The EIA study aims to evaluate potential social and environmental impacts and to develop mitigation mechanisms. It is conducted in accordance with the Ethiopian environmental policy and legal frame work as well as the African Development Bank Integrated Safeguard Systems.

The methodology involved site visits and discussions with the residents of the project area, meetings with affected stakeholders and questionnaires administered to households and key informants by following the standard EIA steps and methods. Typical activities carried under the study include, collection of  baseline data on existing  environmental settings of the project area, analyses of the project activities and their  respective impacts on the environment, identification of the environmental components that would be most affected by the project, propose feasible measures that would help to  avoid and/or minimize the adverse impacts.  

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