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Malawi - Sustainable Fisheries, Aquaculture Development and Watershed Management Project – ESMF Summary


The African Development Bank is supporting the Malawi Government to implement a Sustainable Capture Fisheries, Aquaculture Development and Watershed Management Project (SFADWMP) project. The project will finance the development of value chains in both capture fisheries and aquaculture taking into account the changing climate and environment on the lakes of Malawi. In the course of implementation, the project will strive to make provisions of basic infrastructure, supporting research and extension services for wild captured fisheries, provision of training to SMEs and the encouragement of competitive fish value chains.

The executive summary outlines the main findings of the Environmental and Social Management Framework and presents the environmental and social criteria for screening projects against the potential environmental and social impacts. This ESMF will provide the project implementers with an environmental and social screening process that will enable them to identify, assess and mitigate potential environmental and social impacts of sub-project activities, including through the preparation of a site-specific Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Plans where applicable. It contains a range of suggested measures and plans to reduce, mitigate, and/or offset adverse impacts and enhance positive impacts. 

The project was assigned Category 2, in line with AfDB environmental and social assessment procedures. The sub-projects are yet to be defined and therefore the scale of their impacts will only be known later. A need for a document that will ‘guide’ the planning, design and construction elements of sub-projects is therefore deemed relevant for this project. In this context, an Environment and Social Management Framework (ESMF) has been prepared for the Sustainable Capture Fisheries, Aquaculture Development and Watershed Management Project (SFADWMP).

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