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Mauritius - Saint Louis Power Plant Redevelopment Project - Appraisal Report


The Saint Louis Power Plant Redevelopment Project will provide four medium speed, four stroke, heavy fuel oil (HFO) driven generators with a capacity of 15 MW each; a power station building; two 1000 cubic metre tanks for the storage of HFO; and one 132 kV substation for connection of the power plant to the existing electricity grid belonging to the Central Electricity Board (CEB), the State owned electricity utility in Mauritius. The CEB, which is also the project’s executing agency, intends to start the project in September 2014, and expects to commission the project installations in December 2015. Any delay in commissioning the project at the planned date would result in CEB not being able to meet the projected peak demand. The project cost is estimated at UA 84.6 million (USD 129.70 million).

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