Project Summary Note

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09-sep-2019 Multinational - Uhuru Growth Fund I - Project Summary Note
13-aoû-2019 Multinational - Investisseurs et partenaires afrique entrepreneurs II (IPAE II) - Project Summary Note
13-aoû-2019 Mozambique - Banco comercial e de investimentos S.A. - Project Summary Note
13-aoû-2019 Rwanda - Supporting structural transformation in Rwanda by improving access to finance to local SMEs in transformative sectors - Project Summary Note
09-aoû-2019 Project Brief - Morocco - OCP Expansion Program
08-aoû-2019 Project Brief – Sahanivotry Hydroelectric
08-aoû-2019 Project Brief - EASSy
08-aoû-2019 ATTIJARIWAFA BANK - Partenariat pour le développement du commerce en Afrique - Note de synthèse de projet
08-aoû-2019 Project Brief – Pan African Infrastructure Development Fund (PAIDF)
06-aoû-2019 Project Brief - Multinational - CEC AFRICA
25-juil-2019 Tanzania - Africa fertilizer financing mechanism (Affm) - Project Summary
25-juil-2019 Nigeria - Africa fertilizer financing mechanism (Affm) - Project Summary
24-juil-2019 Multinational - Comesa regional trade & project finance support facility - Project Summary
24-juil-2019 Tunisie - BH BANK(Anciennement connue sous le nom de Banque de l’Habitat) - Note de synthèse de projet
22-juil-2019 Multinational - Distributed Energy Service Companies (DESCOs) - Project Summary
25-juin-2019 Multinational - Uhuru Growth Fund I – Project Summary
21-juin-2019 Project Summary Note - Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company (KMRC) – Kenya
13-juin-2019 Multinational - Strengthening transboundary cooperation and integrated natural resources management in the Songwe river basin - Project Summary
12-juin-2019 Project Summary Note - African Agriculture Impact Investment Ltd
11-juin-2019 Malawi - Additional financing : sustainable rural water and sanitation infrastructure for improved health and livelihoods project - Project Summary