Project/Programme Completion Reports

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09-jan-2018 Bénin - Projet d’appui à la décentralisation des services d’eau potable, hygiène et assainissement de l’Atacora-Donga (LEauCAL) - PAR
01-jan-2018 Multinational - Programme d’appui à la conservation des écosystèmes du bassin du Congo (PACEBCo) - RAP
22-nov-2017 Senegal - Education Project II - Completion Report
17-nov-2017 Central African Republic -Project for Community Development and Support to Vulnerable Groups (PDCAGV)
17-nov-2017 Malawi - Support to Local Economic Development (LED) Project
17-nov-2017 Congo – Project of Studies on the Development of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Systems in 5 Semi-Urban Centres and on Strengthening the Operational Capacity of the Water Sector Development Fund (EDSAEPA/RC-FDSE)
17-nov-2017 TUNISIA - Project to develop Irrigation Schemes through Value Chain Development - Approved
17-nov-2017 Democratic Republic of Congo-Semi-Urban Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Project (PEASU)
03-nov-2017 Mali - Project to support to the Implementation of the Integrated Water Resource Management Action Plan - Project Completion Report
03-nov-2017 Angola - Sumbe Water Supply, Sanitation and Institutional Support Project - Project Completion Report
03-nov-2017 Mozambique - Niassa Provincial Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project - Project Completion Report
13-oct-2017 Multinational - Support to a Network of African Institutions of Science and Technology Project (SNAIST) – Project Completion Report
13-oct-2017 Tunisia - National Water Information System (SINEAU) – Project Completion Report
13-oct-2017 Nigeria - Skills Training and Vocational Education Project – Project Completion Report
27-sep-2017 Kenya - Nairobi Rivers Basin Rehabilitation and Restoration Program Sewerage Improvement Project - Project Completion Report
14-aoû-2017 Zambia - Rehabilitation of Serenje to Mpika road - RAP Summary
03-juil-2017 Kenya - Timboroa Eldoret road rehabilitation project - Completion report of the project -PCR
03-juil-2017 Angola - Power Sector Reform Support Program - Completion report of the project (PCR)
03-juil-2017 Egypt – Project Completion Report - Ain Sokhna 1300 MW Supercritical Thermal Power Plant Project - PCR
19-juin-2017 Tunisia - PCR - Holistic Social Business Movement in Tunisia