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Avis d’appel d’offres International

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Publication Date
20-Feb-2019 IFB – Kenya - Supply of Geothermal Valves and Accessories & Well Logging Tools for Geothermal Menengai Project
19-Feb-2019 IFB – Sénégal - Acquisition et l’installation d'équipements météorologiques en 03 lots séparés - Projet d'amélioration de la qualité de l'information climatique pour le renforcement de la résilience des communautés
18-Feb-2019 IFB – Uganda - Design, Supply, and Installation of Medium Voltage networks (submarine cable) and last mile consumer connections (Lot-6)
13-Feb-2019 IFB – Sudan - Improving Health Access and Systems Strengthening Project (IHASSP) Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Medical Equipment
11-Feb-2019 IFB – Somalia - Water Infrastructure Rehabilitation
08-Feb-2019 IFB – Mozambique - Supply, Delivery, Installation, Integration and Commissioning of Digital Access Rooms for EDM
06-Feb-2019 IFB – Sudan - Building Capacity for Inclusive Service Delivery (BCISD)
05-Feb-2019 IFB – Eritrea - Drought Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods Programme-II Eritrea Programme
05-Feb-2019 IFB – Gambia - Construction of a Joint Border Post - Trans-Gambia Corridor Project
05-Feb-2019 IFB – Zimbabwe - Supply, Deliver, Install and Commission of Actuator Valves and Flowmeters (BWSSIP/G01/2/1) - BWSSIP
04-Feb-2019 IFB – Ethiopia - Supply of Procurement of 15KV and 33KV Air Insulated metal clad Switchgear for Substations - Ethiopian Electric Power
04-Feb-2019 IFB – Ethiopia - XLPE Insulated Single Core Underground Cables of 15kV & 33KV Rated voltage with Termination kits - Ethiopian Electric Power
04-Feb-2019 IFB – Ethiopia - Supply of 50/50/50 MVA Mobile Substation - Ethiopian Electric Power
04-Feb-2019 IFB – Ethiopia - Earthing Transformer of 15kv and 33kv Rated Voltage - Ethiopian Electric Power
04-Feb-2019 IFB – Ethiopia - Supply of Transformer Oil Filtration Plant - 6000 l/hr and 12000l/hr capacity mobile type - Ethiopian Electric Power
31-jan-2019 IFB – Malawi - Supply and Delivery of a Single Cabin 4x4 Motor Vehicle for Department of National Parks and Wildlife
30-jan-2019 IFB – Niger - Fourniture, installation et mise en service d’un groupe diesel 20 MW - Projet d’Électrification Rurale, Périurbaine et Urbaine (PEPERN)
30-jan-2019 IFB – Egypt - Diesel Mobile Hydraulic driven pumping - Third National Drainage Project NDP III
29-jan-2019 IFB - Zambia and Zimbabwe - Procurement of Chemical for Seed Treatment to Control Fall Armyworm
25-jan-2019 IFB - Malawi - Supply and delivery of Farm Tractors, Trailers, Farm Trucks and Farm Implements - AIYAP