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Avis d'appel à manifestation d'intérêt

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Publication Date
18-jan-2019 EOI - Consultancy service to revamp the AfCoP platform by developing a friendly and a well-functioning resource center for the AfCoP website
18-jan-2019 EOI - Implementation of specific activities under the Green Mini-Grids Market Development Programme (GMG MDP), Quality Assurance business line
17-jan-2019 EOI - Junior Web Developer Applications Support and Configuration - CHIS
17-jan-2019 EOI - Two Business Intelligence Analysts - CHIS
17-jan-2019 EOI - Junior Drupal Developer – CHIS
17-jan-2019 EOI - Développeurs Web (Java J2ee, Groovy/Grails et Mobile) – CHIS
17-jan-2019 EOI – Senegal - Malicounda Dual Fuel Project - Lenders’ Financial Modelling & Tax Audit Advisor - PESR.2
16-jan-2019 EOI - Consultancy Services for Agricultural Statistics - ECST
15-jan-2019 EOI - Local Financial Sector Specialist for Long-Term Finance -Country Diagnostic in Ghana - PIFD
15-jan-2019 EOI - Research Consultants (Junior or Senior) - ECMR
15-jan-2019 EOI – Guinée - Spécialiste en Planification, Programmation, Budgétisation, S&E - PPBSE
15-jan-2019 EOI - Manage the Receipt, Review, and Revision of the Taat Policy Studies - Agriculture and Agro-Industry Department
15-jan-2019 EOI - Support to the Implementation of the 2018 Delegation of Authority Matrix (DAM) and Operations Committee (OpsCom) Reviews – SNOQ
15-jan-2019 EOI - Support to PD 02/2015 assessment and Operations Committee (OpsCom) Reviews – SNOQ
11-jan-2019 EOI - Global Environment Facility (GEF) International Waters Specialist - PECG
11-jan-2019 EOI - Consulting Firm to Provide Support and Maintenance Services for the Amla Website – ALSF
11-jan-2019 EOI - SEFA Financial Advisor - PERN
11-jan-2019 EOI - Junior Consultancy Services for Financial Technical Services - FIST2
11-jan-2019 EOI - Roster for Business Development Services - Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation Multi donor Trust Fund
09-jan-2019 EOI - Consultancy Services for Technical Assistance Expert in Agricultural Statistics - ECST