Project-related Procurement

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22-Feb-2019 EOI - Administration and Financial Management Consultant - PIFD
22-Feb-2019 EOI - Web services (design, development, hosting and maintenance) - PIFD
22-Feb-2019 EOI – Gabon - Consultant(e) international(e), Expert en Passation de Marchés, pour appuyer l’Unité de Coordination du Projet (UCP) - PIAEPAL
22-Feb-2019 PPM - Ethiopia - Integrated Transport Program Phase I (Sodo – Sawla Road Upgrading Project)
22-Feb-2019 IFB – Togo - Fourniture, l’installation et la mise en service d’equipements pour l’interconnexion entre l’OTR, le SIGFIP, l’INSEED et le CFE - PAGFI
22-Feb-2019 PPM - Ethiopia - AfDB - Ethio/Kenya Saving - Second
22-Feb-2019 EOI – Tunisie - Selection d’une firme pour la mise en place du reseau national integre du secteur de la justice (RNIA4) - Tunisie Digitale 2020
21-Feb-2019 IFB – Namibia - Renovation and Refurbishment of Andimba Toivo ya Toivo Senior Secondary School – Oshana Region
21-Feb-2019 EOI - Consultant to support the organisation of the CIVIL SOCIETY FORUM 2019 and the communication & outreach activities of the Civil Society and Social Innovation Division
21-Feb-2019 EOI - Consultant to assist in preparing the materials and coordinate the planning process for the Annual Civil Society Forum 2019 and to support the communication and outreach activities
20-Feb-2019 EOI - Consultation for Independent Evaluation of the Operational Guidelines of the Project Preparation Facility (PPF) of the African Development Fund (ADF)
20-Feb-2019 IFB – Kenya - Supply of Geothermal Valves and Accessories & Well Logging Tools for Geothermal Menengai Project
20-Feb-2019 GPN – Multinational - Uganda and Kenya - Angololo Water Resources Development Project Studies
20-Feb-2019 EOI - Executing Agency to Implement the African Development Bank’s Coding for Employment Program
20-Feb-2019 IFB – Kenya - Supply of Weighbridge & Accessories for Menengai Geothermal Project
20-Feb-2019 EOI – Egypt - individual legal consultant - Modernization of the Egyptian Central Bank Clearing and Settlement Depositary System (CSD) for Government Securities
20-Feb-2019 GPN – Kenya - Nairobi Rivers Basin Rehabilitation and Restoration Program: Sewerage Improvement Project Phase II
20-Feb-2019 IFB – Kenya - Supply of Rig Tools, Spares & Consumables and Booster Compressor for Menengai Geothermal Project
19-Feb-2019 EOI – Gambia - Pavement Strengthening of the Trans-Gambia Highway ( 24km ) - Trans-Gambia Corridor Project
19-Feb-2019 EOI – Congo - Etudes architecturales et techniques , suivi et supervision des travaux de construction du centre de formation des métiers de mines à Souanké, dans le Département de la Sangha