Project-related Procurement

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26-aoû-2019 IFB - Mozambique - Supply of ICT & Office Equipment for Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy & Ministry of Economy and Finance
26-aoû-2019 Contract Awards - Namibia - Education and Training Quality Improvement Project - Construction of bulk earth works and bulk services: UNAM Veterinary Teaching Hospital – phase 1, in WINDHOEK, KHOMAS regions
26-aoû-2019 EOI - Tanzania - Consultancy services for sensitization of HIV/AIDS, STI, TB Mitigation and gender issues for the construction of Dodoma City Outer Ring Road (110.2 Km)
26-aoû-2019 Contract Awards - Zambia - Skills Development & Entrepreneurship project – Supporting Women & Youth - Lot 2
22-aoû-2019 EOI - Liberia - Feasibility Study and Master Plan for the Buchanan Special Economic Zone and Special Agro Industrial Processing Zones (SAPZs) in Liberia
21-aoû-2019 EOI - eSwatini - Consultancy Services for Mkhondvo-Ngwavuma Water Augmentation Project
21-aoû-2019 EOI - Mozambique - Advisory Service for Market Operator, System Operator, SCADA, NCC and PLP for EDM under ELSGAPI Programme
21-aoû-2019 GPN - South Sudan - Strategic Water Supply and Sanitation Improvement Project (SWSSIP)
21-aoû-2019 Contract Awards - Mozambique - Supply of vehicles for academic activities
21-aoû-2019 SPN - Mozambique - Supply of Agriculture Inputs in the provinces of Sofala and Zambézia
21-aoû-2019 EOI - Liberia - Consultancy for Conduct of Tax Gap Analysis - Technical advisory assistance and capacity building support to the Liberia revenue authority
21-aoû-2019 GPN - Benin - Renforcement des investissements pour un développement résilient au changement climatique dans le complexe Lac Nokoué
21-aoû-2019 GPN - Sénégal - Projet De Valorisation des Eaux pour le Développement des Chaines de Valeur (PROVALE –CV)
21-aoû-2019 Contract Awards - Sénégal - Travaux de construction et d’équipements de trois (03) tours (bâtiments) pour les entreprises TIC en un lot unique (Relance)
20-aoû-2019 Contract Awards - Lesotho - Lesotho Tax Modernisation Project - Tax Advisory for Implementation of the Lesotho Tax Modernisation Project
20-aoû-2019 Contract Awards - Lesotho - Lesotho Tax Modernisation Project - Training on Business Processes Optimisation and Simulation, Business Analysis, User Experience Design and Agile Methods
20-aoû-2019 Contract Awards - Morocco - NOOR Midelt Phase I Projects – NOOR Midelt I - Noor Midelt First Phase Projects
20-aoû-2019 Contract Awards - Lesotho - Lesotho Tax Modernisation Project - Development and Implementation of Behavioural Insights
20-aoû-2019 Contract Awards - Lesotho - Lesotho Tax Modernisation Project - Implementation of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions
19-aoû-2019 EOI - Sierra Leone - Project Management Technical Assistant - WASH and Aquatic Environment Revamping Project (WASHAERP)