Project-related Procurement

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15-Feb-2019 EOI - Consultant(e) international (e) Expert (e)Genre pour la Direction régionale pour l’Afrique Centrale - RDGC2
15-Feb-2019 EOI - Expert on soft infrastructure development - The Regional Integration Coordinating Department (RDRI)
15-Feb-2019 EOI - Consultant individuel charge d’appui a la gestion du projet - Projet d’interoperabilite des services financiers numeriques dans l’union economique et monetaire ouest africaine
15-Feb-2019 EOI - Consultant in Data Analytics - SNDR
14-Feb-2019 EOI - Malawi - Household survey for Impact Evaluation of Irrigation Development in Malawi
13-Feb-2019 EOI - Individual consultant to draft the African union guidance note on corporate governance
13-Feb-2019 IFB – Sudan - Improving Health Access and Systems Strengthening Project (IHASSP) Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Medical Equipment
13-Feb-2019 EOI – Egypt - Legal Expert firm - Modernization of the Egyptian Central Bank Clearing and Settlement Depositary System (CSD) for Government Securitie
13-Feb-2019 EOI – Ethiopia - Preparation of Feasibility Studies and Updating of Environmental Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for hydropower projects
13-Feb-2019 Contract Awards - Feasibility Studies, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, and Engineering Design Studies, Prepare Bidding Documents for Construction Works of the Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Highway
13-Feb-2019 SPN – Ethiopia - Drilling & Construction of 15 Deep Wells, Civil Work Construction, Supply and Installation Pipes & Fittings, and Supply and Installation of Electromechanical Works) in One Lot
13-Feb-2019 Contract Awards – Burundi - Projet de Centrale Hydroélectrique Régionale de Rusumo Falls – Composante Ligne de Transport 220 kV Rusumo-Falls – Gitega et postes associés
13-Feb-2019 EOI - Individual Consultant- au guidance notes on corporate governance in Africa
13-Feb-2019 EOI - Recruitment of a Medium Term Consultant to support the work of the Division in Partnership and Mobilization of Resources - PICU.3x
12-Feb-2019 EOI – Eswatini - Design Review, Preconstruction and Construction Supervision Services - Construction of the Manzini Golf Course Interchange Project
12-Feb-2019 EOI - Senior consultant to support ADOA and non-ADOA activities - ECMR.2
12-Feb-2019 EOI – Angola - Renewable Energy Expert and Project Manager
12-Feb-2019 EOI – Eswatini - Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services for Road Safety Audits and Inspection Services - Construction of Manzini Golf Course Interchange
12-Feb-2019 EOI - Designing Monitoring and Evaluation of the National Strategies for the Development of Statistics in Regional Member Countries for SDGS Monitoring and Results Measurement - ECST
11-Feb-2019 EOI – Côte d’Ivoire - Consulting Firms for Translation, Interpretation and Editing Services – CHLS