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01-aoû-2017 Working Paper 276 - A Tax on Children? Food Price Inflation and Health
01-aoû-2017 Working Paper 280 - Labor Market Outcomes during Life Transition
01-aoû-2017 Working Paper 275 - Illicit Financial Flows and Political Institutions in Kenya
01-aoû-2017 Working Paper 279 - Teen Fertility and Labor Market Segmentation in Madagascar
01-juil-2017 West Africa Policy Notes - Note 02, June 2015
19-juin-2017 Working Paper 269 - Climate Change and Renewable Energy Generation in Africa
19-juin-2017 Working Paper 268 - Measuring Resilience to Climate Change in Ethiopia
19-juin-2017 Working Paper 272 - Price effects of borders between Lesotho and South Africa
19-juin-2017 Working Paper 267 - Does Access to Basic Services Matter for Child Health? Evidence From Togo
19-juin-2017 Working Paper 271 - Facteurs déterminants des IDE en Afrique
19-juin-2017 Working Paper 270 - The Economy of Tastes, Feelings, and Opinions
13-juin-2017 Rapport 2017 Perspectives économiques en Afrique
08-juin-2017 Département Infrastructure, villes et développement durable - Rapport annuel 2016
24-mai-2017 BAD Rapport Annuel 2016
20-mai-2017 Zimbabwe Country Profile
18-mai-2017 The AfDB Statistics Pocketbook 2017
18-mai-2017 Compendium of Statistics on Bank Group Operations - 2017
18-mai-2017 African Statistical Yearbook 2017
18-mai-2017 Gender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries - 2017
18-mai-2017 Africa Tourism Monitor 2016 - Sustainable Tourism through Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology