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09-mar-2017 Working Paper 253 - Climate Change Challenges, Smallholder Commercialization and Progress out Poverty in Ethiopia
09-mar-2017 Working Paper 252 - Capital flow surges and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa: Any role for capital controls?
16-Feb-2017 Working Paper 249 - Threshold Effects of Inflation on Economic Growth in Africa: Evidence from a Dynamic Panel Threshold Regression
16-Feb-2017 Working Paper 248 - Farmers’ Vulnerability to Climate Shocks: Insights from the Niger Basin of Benin
15-Feb-2017 African Statistical Journal Vol.19
06-Feb-2017 Working Paper 247 - Credit constraints and farm productivity: Micro-level evidence from smallholder farmers in Ethiopia
06-Feb-2017 Working Paper 246 - Why is inequality high in Africa?
20-jan-2017 Land Tenure Regularization in Rwanda: Good practices in land reform
16-jan-2017 Working Paper 245 - Sectoral credit concentration and bank performance in Zambia
19-déc-2016 Rapport sur La Verification Ad Hoc à Titre Consultatif de la Conformité Préetablie du Projet d'appui au Secteur Routier II en Tanzanie
25-nov-2016 RWSSI Bulletin mensuel - Octobre 2016
11-nov-2016 Working Paper 228 - Overborrowing and Balance of Payments Imbalances in a Monetary Union
03-nov-2016 Bulletin d'information des Obligations Vertes - Numéro 3 - Octobre 2016
20-oct-2016 Africa Economic Brief - Moving towards a green productive agriculture in Africa: The role of ICTs
20-oct-2016 Africa Economic Brief - Korean Experiences in Agricultural Development and Policy Proposals for Structural Transformation of African Agriculture and Rural Space (STAARS)
20-oct-2016 Working Paper 244 - Occupational choice and agricultural labor exits in Sub-Saharan Africa
20-oct-2016 Working Paper 243 - Selling crops early to pay for school: A large-scale natural experiment in Malawi
09-oct-2016 Working Paper 241 - Long term consequences of consumption seasonality
04-oct-2016 RWSSI - Newsletter - September 2016
14-sep-2016 Economic Brief - A défis communs, solutions communes : resoudre la question de l’emploi en Europe et en Afrique du Nord