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30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Aid and Human Capital Formation: Some Evidence
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Civil war and post conflict reconstruction in Africa
29-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Does Investment in Knowledge and Technology Spur “Optimal” FDI in the MENA Region? Evidence from Logit and Cross - Country Regressions
29-sep-2008 CEA 2008 - L'Aide publique au développement de la Chine aux pays pétroliers et miniers d'Afrique contribue-t-elle au développement des pays récipiendaires?
29-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Expenditure Decentralization and Outcomes: Some Determinant Factors for Success from Cross - Country Evidence
29-sep-2008 CEA 2008 - Les déterminants de la demande d’énergie dans l’espace CEDEAO
29-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Endogenous optimal currency areas: The case of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community
29-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Policy Reform and Aid Effectiveness in Africa
29-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Adapting Aid Allocation Criteria to Development Goals
29-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Reforming agricultural trade under commodity price volatility: can poor african countries achieve food security and economic development?
29-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Empirical analysis of Agricultural Productivity Growth in Sub - Sahara Africa: 1961 - 2003
29-sep-2008 CEA 2008 -Les déterminants de l'adoption des variétés améliorées de maïs: adoption et impact de la "CMS 8704"
29-sep-2008 2008 AEC -Promoting manufacturing to accelerate economic growth and reduce volatility in Africa
29-sep-2008 CEA 2008 -Le système financier marocain: Pour une convergence accélérée vers les standards de l’Union Européenne
28-sep-2008 CEA 2008 - Développement financier, croissance économique et productivité globale des facteurs en Afrique Subsaharienne
28-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Financial Development - Economic Growth Nexus: Empirical Evidence from Uganda
26-sep-2008 2008 AEC - The Economic Impact of Global Warming on Livestock Husbandry in Kenya: A Ricardian Analysis
26-sep-2008 AEC 2008 - Market Access for Africa's Transformation and Development: what's lacking and why it's a problem?
26-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Trade Intensity and Business Cycle Synchronicity in Africa
26-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Is the Brain Drain Good for Africa?