25-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Impacts of Regional Trade Agreements on Trade in Agrifood Products- Evidence from Eastern and Southern Africa
25-oct-2012 CEA 2012 - Hygiène des aliments et développement soutenable-Impact du monde invisible sur la réduction de la pauvreté
25-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Credit Bureaus and Registries and Access to Finance- New Evidence from 42 African Countries
25-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Market Integration and Transmission of Cereal Price Changes from World Market to Domestic Level
25-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Towards Inclusive African Labour Markets- Empirical Analysis of Gender Equality in Employment and its Implications for Policy
19-oct-2012 Economic Brief - Political Fragility in Africa: Are Military Coups d’Etat a Never-Ending Phenomenon ?
18-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - The Political Economy of Social Inclusion
17-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - The Inability of Small Firms to Generate Employment in a High Wage Regime: the South African Wage Curve and Implications for Wage Subsidies
17-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Household Enterprise in Sub-Saharan Africa - Why they Matter for Growth, Jobs, and Livelihoods
17-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Wind Energy Development in Africa
17-oct-2012 Africa and Global Economic Trends Quarterly Review - Third Quarter 2012
17-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Disability and Labour Force Participation in Cameroon
17-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Public Investment, Growth, and Debt Sustainability Putting Together the Pieces
17-oct-2012 CEA 2012 - Note d'information logistique
17-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - The Making of the Middle Class in Africa
16-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Avoiding the Fragility Trap in Africa
16-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Export Diversification and Intra-Industry Trade in Africa
16-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Rural Population Density Access to Arable Land and Small Farm Development Exploring Linkages in Malawi and Zambia
16-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Central Bank’s Response to Economic Crises from a Developing African Economy Perspective Lessons from Kenya’s Experience
16-oct-2012 AEC 2012 - Africa's Missed Agricultural Revolution a Quantitative Study of the Policy Options