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30-nov-2008 AEC 2008 - Determinants of the adoption of improved varieties of Maize in Cameroon: case of cms 8704
30-nov-2008 AEC 2008 - Financial Sector Development, Gender Parity, and Poverty Reduction: Theoretical and Empirical Evidences
30-nov-2008 AEC 2008 - Trade, Infrastructure and Regional Integration
30-nov-2008 AEC 2008 - Proceedings of the African Economic Conference 2008 - Globalisation, Institutions and African Economic Development
30-nov-2008 AEC 2008 - International Capital Flows
30-nov-2008 AEC 2008 - The Impact Of The Euro-CFA Franc Zone On Economic Growth In Sub-Saharan Africa
30-nov-2008 AEC 2008 - Financial Sector Development
30-nov-2008 AEC 2008 - Key Factors of Demand for Energy within the ECOWAS Zone
30-nov-2008 AEC 2008 - Post-Conflict Recovery and Policy Reforms
30-nov-2008 AEC 2008 - The Determinants of Remittances by Moroccans Resident Abroad: Empirical Study from 1970 to 2006
27-nov-2008 2008 AEC - African Education Challenges and Policy Responses: Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the African Development Bank
29-oct-2008 2008 AEC - Capital Flight Repatriation: Investigation of its Potential Gains for Sub - Saharan African Countries
27-oct-2008 2008 AEC - Trade and Investment between Japan and Africa in the context of follow - up to the fourth Tokyo international conference on african development
16-oct-2008 2008 AEC - Intégration Financière et Rattrapage Technologique: Evidence Empirique à partir du Bassin Méditerranéen
13-oct-2008 2008 AEC - Empirical Study of Efficiency and Productivity of the Banking Industry in Egypt
11-oct-2008 2008 AEC - Regional Euro - Currency Integration and Economic Growth in Sub - Saharan Africa
11-oct-2008 CEA 2008 - Impact du développement du secteur financier sur la pauvreté selon le genre en milieu rural camerounais
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Do International Remittances Affect Poverty in Africa?
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Interim Economic Partnership Agreements point to the classic Regional Trade Agreements after all: Should African countries really be worried?
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC -Promoting manufacturing to accelerate economic growth and reduce volatility in Africa