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13-oct-2008 2008 AEC - Empirical Study of Efficiency and Productivity of the Banking Industry in Egypt
11-oct-2008 2008 AEC - Regional Euro - Currency Integration and Economic Growth in Sub - Saharan Africa
11-oct-2008 CEA 2008 - Impact du développement du secteur financier sur la pauvreté selon le genre en milieu rural camerounais
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - How integrated are Africa’s stock markets with the rest of the world?
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Bilateral investment treaties between ECOWAS and European Union Countries: lessons for the economic partnership agreement
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - A comparison of rural wage employment in Ghana, Malawi and Nigeria with other developing countries
30-sep-2008 CEA 2008 - Comment le développement financier influence-t-il l’impact des transferts de fonds sur la croissance économique au Sénégal: Effet de substituabilité ou de complémentarité?
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Aid and Human Capital Formation: Some Evidence
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Civil war and post conflict reconstruction in Africa
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Can Corruption Be Studied in the Lab? Comparing a Field and a Lab Experiment
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Climate Change andWeather - Indexed Bonds
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - How Effective Fiscal Federalism in Conflict Resolution in Sudan
30-sep-2008 CEA 2008 - Une expérience réussie de politique économique en Afrique: La politique économique en Tunisie
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Small Enterprise Growth and the Rural Investment Climate: Evidence from Tanzania
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Do International Remittances Affect Poverty in Africa?
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Interim Economic Partnership Agreements point to the classic Regional Trade Agreements after all: Should African countries really be worried?
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC -Promoting manufacturing to accelerate economic growth and reduce volatility in Africa
30-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Aid and dependence: the African growth puzzle
29-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Adapting Aid Allocation Criteria to Development Goals
29-sep-2008 2008 AEC - Reforming agricultural trade under commodity price volatility: can poor african countries achieve food security and economic development?