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15-nov-2007 2007 AEC - Gender Inequality and Growth in Sub - Saharan Africa and Arab Countries
15-nov-2007 2007 AEC - FDI Contribution to Technical Efficiency in the Tunisian Manufacturing Sector: A Combined Empirical Approach
15-nov-2007 2007 AEC - Does Community Driven Development Work? Evidence from Senegal
15-nov-2007 2007 AEC - Is that a Dragon or Elephant on your Ladder: The Potential Impact of China and India on Export Led Growth in African Countries?
15-nov-2007 CEA 2007- Stabilité du pouvoir politique et rente pétrolière dans les Etats africains
30-oct-2007 CEA 2007 - Corruption et croissance dans les pays africains : le canal de l’investissement
11-oct-2007 CEA 2007 - Programme 09 - 11 - 2007 FRANCAIS
11-sep-2007 CEA 2008 - L'Expérience Coréenne
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC - Njuguna Ndung'u
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC - Commodity Prices, Growth, and the Natural Resource Curse: Reconciling a Conundrum
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC -Rethinking Economic Growth in a Globalizing World: an Economic Geography lens
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC - Freeing Africa From The Resource Curse: Some Options
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC - Capacity Building and Research Partnerships: Meeting Africa’s Development Challenges
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC - The Challenges of the MDGs in Africa
11-sep-2007 CEA 2006 - Gouvernance d'Entreprises
11-sep-2007 AEC 2007 - Making Finance Work for Africa
11-sep-2007 CEA 2006 - Réduction des Contraintes sur la Capacité d’Exporatation
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC - Rethinking Industrial Policy For Lowincome Countries
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - Mrs. Kurwijila: Climate change and Development support, adaptation and mitation efforts in Africa
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - Mr. Rama Sithanen: Africa & Asia, Trade and Capital Flows