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11-sep-2007 AEC 2007 - Making Finance Work for Africa
11-sep-2007 CEA 2006 - Réduction des Contraintes sur la Capacité d’Exporatation
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC - Rethinking Industrial Policy For Lowincome Countries
11-sep-2007 CEA 2008 - L'Expérience Coréenne
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC - Njuguna Ndung'u
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC - Commodity Prices, Growth, and the Natural Resource Curse: Reconciling a Conundrum
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC -Rethinking Economic Growth in a Globalizing World: an Economic Geography lens
11-sep-2007 2007 AEC - Freeing Africa From The Resource Curse: Some Options
05-juin-2007 2007 AM -Dr. Charles Okeahalam: Some Thoughts on Development Finance and Cooperation and Development of the financial services sector
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - Mrs. Amanda Rowlatt: Africa’s re - indebtedness following debt relief initiatives
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - Mr. Atingi Ego: Improving Debt Management Following HIPC Debt Relief
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - Prof. Ogunlade Davidson: Climate Change and Africa: Financing Opportunities
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - Mr. Jacquet: New lending strategies: Rationale, instruments, coordination
05-juin-2007 AA 2007: Programme : Financement du developpement et cooperation economique sino-africaine
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - Mr. Marc Plant: Applying the Joint Bank - Fund Debt Sustainability Framework for LICs
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - Mr. Mundle: Challenges in Implementing PBA System
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - Mr. Eugene Shannon: Climate Change
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - YRK Reddy: Lessons from Asia in Promoting Corporate Governance
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - Mr. Kawai: Regional Economic Cooperation & Integration in Asia: Implications for Africa
05-juin-2007 2007 AM - Program : Development Finance And China-Africa Economic Cooperation