Working Paper Series

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08-mai-2010 Working Paper 108 - Is there a Case for Formal Inflation Targeting in Sub-Saharan Africa?
06-mai-2010 Working Paper 106 - Does Human Capital Protect Workers against Exogenous Shocks? South Africa in the 2008 - 2009 Crisis
05-mai-2010 Working Paper 105 - Smallholder Agriculture in East Africa: Trends, Constraints and Opportunities
23-jan-2010 Working Paper 104 - Technology Gap and Efficiency in Cocoa Production in West and Central Africa: Implications for Cocoa Sector Development
22-jan-2010 Working Paper 103 - Accounting for Vulnerability of African Countries in Performance Based Aid Allocation
11-jan-2010 Working Paper 99 - Capital Flows and Capital Account Liberalisation in the Post-Financial-Crisis Era: Challenges, Opportunities and Policy Responses
14-oct-2009 Working Paper 98 - Africa and the Global Economic Crisis: Strategies for Preserving the Foundations of Long-Term Growth
12-oct-2009 Working Paper 97 - Soaring Food Prices and Africa's Vulnerability and Responses: An Update
25-mai-2009 Document de travail 96 - L'effet de la crise financière mondiale sur l'Afrique
18-mar-2008 Working Paper 95 - Agricultural Trade Policy Reform in South Africa
18-mar-2008 Liste des travaux de recherche (1 - 95)
31-jan-2008 Working Paper 94 - Des inégalités de genre à l’indice de qualité de vie des femmes
24-déc-2007 Working Paper 93 - The Impact of High Oil Prices on African Economies
18-déc-2007 Working Paper 92 - Education Expenditures and School Enrolment in Africa: Illustrations from Nigeria and Other SANE Countries
17-déc-2007 Working Paper 91 - Health Expenditures and Health Outcomes in Africa
10-déc-2007 Working Paper 90 - Current Account Situation in South Africa: Issues to Consider
09-déc-2007 Working Paper 89 - Come Rain or Shine - Integrating Climate Risk Management into African Development Bank Operations
03-déc-2007 Working Paper 88 - Growing a Knowledge - Based Economy: Evidence from Public Expenditure on Education in Africa
11-juil-2006 Working Paper 86 - A Review of Ex - ante Poverty Impact Assessments of Macroeconomic Policies in Cameroon and Ghana
21-juin-2006 Working Paper 85 - On Measuring Indebtedness of African Countries: A Stochastic Frontier Debt Production Function