Working Paper Series

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06-aoû-2014 Working Paper 205 - Volatility and Co-movement in Commodity Prices- New Evidence
06-aoû-2014 Working Paper 204 - Skills and Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa: Analysis with Evidence from Swaziland
25-juin-2014 Working Paper 203 - Immigrants, Skills and Wages in the Gambian Labor Market
29-avr-2014 Working Paper 201 - Does Intra-African Trade Reduce Youth Unemployment in Africa ?Human Capital Development, Youth, Employment, Regional Integration
29-avr-2014 Working Paper 200 - Analysis of Household Expenditures and the Impact of Remittances using a Latent Class Model: the Case of Burkina Faso
29-avr-2014 Working Paper 202 - Segmentation and efficiency of the interbank market and their implication for the conduct of monetary policy
05-mar-2014 Working Paper 197 - Estimating the Economic Cost of Fragility in Africa
05-mar-2014 Working Paper 199 - Microcredit for the Development of the Bottom of the Pyramid Segment: Impact of Access to Financial Services on Microcredit Clients, Institutions and Urban Sustainability
15-jan-2014 Working Paper 122 - Welfare Analysis Using Data from the International Comparison Program for Africa
15-jan-2014 Working Paper 117 - Supporting Africa's Post-Crisis Growth: The Role of Macroeconomic Policies
15-jan-2014 Working Paper 118 - Assessment of the Trade Finance Market in Africa Post-Crisis
03-jan-2014 Working Paper 194 - The Impact of Community Development Works Programs (CWP) on Households’ Wellbeing in Albania
03-jan-2014 Working Paper 193 - Large Scale Agribusiness Investments and Implications in Africa- Development Finance Institutions' Perspectives
03-jan-2014 Working Paper 195 - Inequality, Economic Growth, and Poverty in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
24-déc-2013 Working Paper 192 - Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Credit in Africa: Any Role for Institutional Factors
23-déc-2013 Working Paper 191 - Do Firms Learn by Exporting or Learn to Export: Evidence from Senegalese Manufacturers’ Plants
23-déc-2013 Economic & Financial Governance, Human Capital Development, Regional Integration
23-déc-2013 Working Paper 189 - An Empirical Investigation of the Taylor Curve in South Africa
23-déc-2013 Working Paper 184 - Does Oil Wealth Affect Democracy in Africa?
23-déc-2013 Working Paper 188 - Remittances and their Macroeconomic Impact: Evidence from Africa