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24/12/2007 93 - The Impact of High Oil Prices on African Economies
Auteurs:Désiré Vencatachellum, Abdul B. Kamara

Catégories: Energie

18/12/2007 92 - Education Expenditures and School Enrolment in Africa: Illustrations from Nigeria and Other SANE Countries
Auteurs:John C. Anyanwu, Andrew E.O. Erhijakpor
17/12/2007 91 - Health Expenditures and Health Outcomes in Africa
Auteurs:John C. Anyanwu, Andrew E.O. Erhijakpor
10/12/2007 90 - Current Account Situation in South Africa: Issues to Consider
Auteurs:Tonia Kandiero
09/12/2007 89 - Come Rain or Shine - Integrating Climate Risk Management into African Development Bank Operations
Auteurs:M.V. Aalst, M. Hellmuth, D. Ponzi
03/12/2007 88 - Growing a Knowledge - Based Economy: Evidence from Public Expenditure on Education in Africa
Auteurs:A.B. Kamara, L. Bousrih, M. Nyende