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15/01/2014 Working Paper 117 - Supporting Africa's Post-Crisis Growth: The Role of Macroeconomic Policies
Auteurs:Z.Brixiová, L.Ndikumana, K.Abderrahim
15/01/2014 Working Paper 118 - Assessment of the Trade Finance Market in Africa Post-Crisis
The financial crisis of 2008 caused a sharp slowdown in trade beginning 2008 and 2009. The tightening of global credit reduced capital inflows and limited the availability of trade finance. The shortage of trade finance was felt...Lire la suite
Auteurs:T.Turner, L.Mokaddem, G.Ben Ahmed

Catégories: Crise financière

15/01/2014 Working Paper 119 - Migration Patterns, Trends and Policy Issues in Africa
Migration has played a distinctive role in shaping the economic, cultural and political face of Africa and continues to do so. It is estimated today that the number of people with African descent that live outside of the...Lire la suite
Auteurs:Abebe Shimeles
15/01/2014 Working Paper 120 - Community Based Health Insurance Schemes in Africa: The Case of Rwanda
Every year, around 100 million people are driven into poverty due to burden of health expenditure. Most of these newly poor reside in resource poor countries such as Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) where health care systems...Lire la suite
Auteurs:Abebe Shimeles
15/01/2014 Working Paper 122 - Welfare Analysis Using Data from the International Comparison Program for Africa
This paper extends the application of data from International Comparison Program (ICP) to global welfare analysis of a “representative household” in Africa by utilizing changes in demand for broad categories of consumption items...Lire la suite
Auteurs:Abebe Shimeles

Catégories: Crise financière

11/11/2010 Working Paper 116 - Unlocking Productive Entrepreneurship in Ethiopia: Which Incentives Matter
This paper examines challenges faced by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ethiopia. It compares the impact of subsidies encouraging entrepreneurial search with wage subsidies on SME start-ups and finds search subsidies...Lire la suite
Auteurs:Zuzana Brixiova, Emerta Asaminew

Catégories: Éthiopie

11/11/2010 Working Paper 115 - Analyzing Pro-Poor Growth in Southern Africa: Lessons from Mauritius and South Africa
The study involves a micro-level analysis of the effect of growth on inequality and poverty in two Southern African countries, Mauritius over the period 2001-2006 and South Africa over the period 1995-2005. Given that poverty...Lire la suite
Auteurs:Jean-Yves Duclos, Audrey Verdier-Chouchane
02/11/2010 Document de travail 114 - Additionnalité des institutions de financement du développement (IFD) dans l’industrie du pétrole et du gaz en amont en Afrique
The growth in the number of African countries producing oil and gas is part of a growing trend across the continent sharpening the profile of Africa as an oil and gas producing continent. Discoveries of commercially viable...Lire la suite
Auteurs:Charles Wetherill

Catégories: Energie

11/08/2010 Working Paper 113 - Monetary Policy Conduct Based on Nonlinear Taylor Rule: Evidence from South Africa
This paper utilized non-linear models to characterize the behavior of the Reserve Bank of South Africa using interest rate functions. Interest rate interaction functions have been formulated using the linear Taylor-rule since it...Lire la suite
Auteurs:M.Ncube, M.Tshuma

Catégories: Afrique du Sud

10/08/2010 Working Paper 112 - Analysis of Poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo
This study on poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo aims at analyzing the spatial distribution of poverty in order to identify the most affected provinces and the extent of disparity. The main source of the data used in...Lire la suite
Auteurs:Ahmed Moummi
29/07/2010 Working Paper 111 - Assessing Absolute and Relative Pro-Poor Growth: An Application to the MENA Region
Focusing on the MENA region, this paper proposes a multidimensional procedure for jointly assessing the absolute and relative pro-poorness of growth. It is also provides a procedure for testing whether poverty comparisons can be...Lire la suite
Auteurs:S.Bibi, J.Y.Duclos, A.Verdie-Chouchane

Catégories: Crise financière

02/06/2010 Working Paper 110 - Education and Employment in Malawi
Malawi’s educational system fairs poorly on a sub-regional scale. The gross enrolment rate is the lowest in the South African region. At the primary school level, pupil to teacher ratio stood at 80:1, repetition rates at 20...Lire la suite
Auteurs:V.Castel, M.Phiri, M.Stampini
14/05/2010 Working Paper 109 - The First Africa Region Review for EAC/COMESA
The Regional Economic Communities (RECs) of COMESA and SADC recognize the importance of trade facilitation in deepening regional integration by reducing the cost of cross-border transactions, and improving the potential of growth...Lire la suite
Auteurs:V.Ancharaz, T.Kandiero, K.Mlambo

Catégories: Crise financière

08/05/2010 Working Paper 108 - Is there a Case for Formal Inflation Targeting in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Inflation targeting is increasingly seen as an essential monetary policy tool in many economies around the world, including a growing number of developing countries. However, inflation targeting has not made sufficient inroads in...Lire la suite
Auteurs:J.Heintz, L.Ndikumana

Catégories: Infrastructures

07/05/2010 Working Paper 107 - China, Africa and the International Aid Architecture
Chinese engagement in Africa, while not new, has changed significantly in recent years. The rising global prominence of Chinese aid, export credits, and bank finance has aroused both enthusiasm and concern among those concerned...Lire la suite
Auteurs:Deborah Bräutigam

Catégories: Chine

06/05/2010 Working Paper 106 - Does Human Capital Protect Workers against Exogenous Shocks? South Africa in the 2008 - 2009 Crisis
The financial and economic crisis of 2008 and 2009 took a heavy toll on the South African economy. The economy contracted for the first time since 1998 and entered recession during the fourth quarter of 2008. The GDP contraction...Lire la suite
Auteurs:R.Leung, M.Stampini, D.Vencatachellum
05/05/2010 Working Paper 105 - Smallholder Agriculture in East Africa: Trends, Constraints and Opportunities
Despite the importance of smallholder agriculture in East Africa, the strategic, conceptual and empirical analysis in the context of the crisis, which would guide policymakers and development practitioners in their efforts to...Lire la suite
Auteurs:A.Salami, A.B.Kamara, Z.Brixiova
23/01/2010 Working Paper 104 - Technology Gap and Efficiency in Cocoa Production in West and Central Africa: Implications for Cocoa Sector Development
This paper investigates the productivity potential (technological gap) and efficiency differences of cocoa sectors in countries in West and Central Africa, where tree crop systems, particularly cocoa production, are of particular...Lire la suite
Auteurs:G.B.Nkamleu, J.Nyemeck, J.Gockowski
22/01/2010 Working Paper 103 - Accounting for Vulnerability of African Countries in Performance Based Aid Allocation
Auteurs:P.Guillaumont, S.Guillaumont-Jeanneney

Catégories: Crise financière

11/01/2010 Working Paper 99 - Capital Flows and Capital Account Liberalisation in the Post-Financial-Crisis Era: Challenges, Opportunities and Policy Responses
Auteurs:Victor Murinde

Catégories: Crise financière