Working Paper Series

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08-juil-2015 Working Paper 225 - Measuring the Impact of Micro-Health Insurance on Healthcare Utilization: A Bayesian Potential Outcomes Approach
08-juil-2015 Working Paper 224 - La Sophistication des Exportations des Fruits, Légumes et Dérivés dans l’Espace UEMOA
08-mai-2015 Working Paper 223 - Eliminating Extreme Poverty in Africa: Trends, Policies and the Role of International Organizations
28-avr-2015 Working Paper 222 - Economies of Scale in Gold Mining
21-avr-2015 Working Paper 221 - Employment Effects of Multilateral Development Bank Projects The Case of the African Development Bank
09-mar-2015 Working Paper - 220 - Developing a Food (in) Security Map for South Africa
09-mar-2015 Working Paper - 219 - Impact of the business Environment on Output and Productivity in Africa
21-jan-2015 Working Paper - 218 - Household Energy Demand and the Impact of Energy Prices: Evidence from Senegal
20-jan-2015 Working Paper - 217 - Capital Account Policies, IMF Programs and Growth in Developing Regions
20-jan-2015 Working Paper - 216 - Inflation Targeting Monetary Policy, Inflation Volatility and Economic Growth in South Africa
15-jan-2015 Working Paper 119 - Migration Patterns, Trends and Policy Issues in Africa
30-déc-2014 Working Paper - 213 - Disentangling the Pattern of Geographic Concentration in Tunisian Manufacturing Industries
30-déc-2014 Working Paper - 212 - Diversification and Sophistication of Livestock Products: the Case of African Countries
30-déc-2014 Working Paper - 211 - Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission in Zambia: Evidence from Bank-Level Data
30-déc-2014 Working Paper - 215 - A Regional Budget Development Allocation Formula for Tunisia
30-déc-2014 Working Paper - 214 - From Productivity to Exporting or Vice Versa Evidence from Tunisian Manufacturing Sector
04-déc-2014 Working Paper - 209 - What is driving the African Growth Miracle
04-déc-2014 Working Paper - 210 - The Real Exchange Rate and Growth in Zimbabwe Does the Currency Regime Matter
10-sep-2014 Working Paper - 208 - The Main Obstacles to Firms Growth in Senegal Implications for the Long-Run
22-aoû-2014 Working Paper 206 - Growth and Distributional Impact of Agriculture, Textiles and Mining Sectors in Lesotho