Working Paper Series

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23-juin-2011 Working Paper 126 - China’s Trade and FDI in Africa
23-juin-2011 Working Paper 130 - Growth and Macroeconomic Convergence in Southern Africa
23-juin-2011 Working Paper 128 - China’s Manufacturing and Industrialization in Africa
23-juin-2011 Working Paper 129 - China’s Engagement and Aid Effectiveness in Africa
28-Feb-2011 Working Paper 123 - Labor Market Dynamics in Tunisia: The Issue of Youth Unemployment
11-Feb-2011 Working Paper 42 - Global Financial Crisis: Implications and Lessons for Africa
15-jan-2011 Working Paper 120 - Community Based Health Insurance Schemes in Africa: The Case of Rwanda
11-nov-2010 Working Paper 116 - Unlocking Productive Entrepreneurship in Ethiopia: Which Incentives Matter
11-nov-2010 Working Paper 115 - Analyzing Pro-Poor Growth in Southern Africa: Lessons from Mauritius and South Africa
02-nov-2010 Document de travail 114 - Additionnalité des institutions de financement du développement (IFD) dans l’industrie du pétrole et du gaz en amont en Afrique
11-aoû-2010 Working Paper 113 - Monetary Policy Conduct Based on Nonlinear Taylor Rule: Evidence from South Africa
09-aoû-2010 Working Paper 112 - Analysis of Poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo
29-juil-2010 Working Paper 111 - Assessing Absolute and Relative Pro-Poor Growth: An Application to the MENA Region
07-juil-2010 Working Paper 107 - China, Africa and the International Aid Architecture
02-juin-2010 Working Paper 110 - Education and Employment in Malawi
14-mai-2010 Working Paper 109 - The First Africa Region Review for EAC/COMESA
08-mai-2010 Working Paper 108 - Is there a Case for Formal Inflation Targeting in Sub-Saharan Africa?
06-mai-2010 Working Paper 106 - Does Human Capital Protect Workers against Exogenous Shocks? South Africa in the 2008 - 2009 Crisis
05-mai-2010 Working Paper 105 - Smallholder Agriculture in East Africa: Trends, Constraints and Opportunities
23-jan-2010 Working Paper 104 - Technology Gap and Efficiency in Cocoa Production in West and Central Africa: Implications for Cocoa Sector Development