Working Paper Series

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23-déc-2013 Working Paper 184 - Does Oil Wealth Affect Democracy in Africa?
23-déc-2013 Working Paper 188 - Remittances and their Macroeconomic Impact: Evidence from Africa
04-oct-2013 Working Paper 282 - Africa’s Automotive Industry Potential and Challenges
23-sep-2013 Working Paper 182 - Rising Food Prices and Household Welfare in Ethiopia: Evidence from Micro Data
23-sep-2013 Working Paper 181 - Determining the Correlates of Poverty for Inclusive Growth in Africa
23-sep-2013 Working Paper 180 - Marital Status, Household Size and Poverty in Nigeria: Evidence from the 2009-2010 Survey Data
23-sep-2013 Working Paper 183 - Global Economic Spillovers to Africa- A GVAR Approach
22-sep-2013 Document de travail 179 - Hétérogénéité des effets de l’aide sur La Croissance Economique En Afrique Subsaharienne : évidences comparatives entre pays stables et pays en post conflit
24-juil-2013 Document de travail 178 - Détenir des réserves de change excédentaires ou financer l’infrastructure : que doit faire l’Afrique ?
09-juil-2013 Working Paper 177 - A Macroeconometric Model for Rwanda
23-juin-2013 Working Paper 131 - Linking Research to Policy: The AfDB as Knowledge Broker
19-juin-2013 Working Paper 176 - Medium-Term Sustainability of Fiscal Policy in Lesotho
18-juin-2013 Working Paper 175 - Youth Employment in Africa: New Evidence and Policies from Swaziland
16-juin-2013 Working Paper 173 - Production and Conflict in Risky Elections
14-juin-2013 Working Paper 171 - Youth Unemployment and Political Instability in Selected Developing Countries
14-juin-2013 Document de travail 174 - Institutions de financement du développement en Afrique : Libérer le potentiel
19-mar-2013 Working Paper 170 - Development of Wind Energy in Africa
19-mar-2013 Working Paper 169 - Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Shocks on South African Trade Balance
26-Feb-2013 Document de travail 167 - Promouvoir les réformes économiques dans les pays en développement Repenser l’aide budgétaire ?
26-Feb-2013 Working Paper 165 - Tax resource mobilization and its impact on household living standards evidence from Niger