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Cette série présente les résultats de la recherche sur des sujets ayant trait aux questions de politiques de développement en Afrique. Les soumissions de Travaux de Recherche en Economie peuvent émaner de tous les professionnels, veuillez consulter l’information aux auteurs pour de plus amples détails.

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06-Feb-2017 Working Paper 246 - Why is inequality high in Africa?
16-jan-2017 Working Paper 245 - Sectoral credit concentration and bank performance in Zambia
11-nov-2016 Working Paper 228 - Overborrowing and Balance of Payments Imbalances in a Monetary Union
20-oct-2016 Working Paper 244 - Occupational choice and agricultural labor exits in Sub-Saharan Africa
20-oct-2016 Working Paper 243 - Selling crops early to pay for school: A large-scale natural experiment in Malawi
09-oct-2016 Working Paper 241 - Long term consequences of consumption seasonality
09-sep-2016 Working Paper 242 - Understanding the prospective local content in the petroleum sector; and the potential impact of high energy prices on production sectors and household welfare in Uganda
30-aoû-2016 Working Paper 240 - The Impact of the Real Exchange Rate Changes on Export Performance in Tanzania and Ethiopia
26-aoû-2016 Working Paper 239 - Concept and measure of inclusive health across countries
09-aoû-2016 Working Paper 238 - Impact Evaluation in a Landscape: protected natural forests, anthropized forested lands and deforestation leakages in Madagascar’s rainforests
06-juin-2016 Working Paper 237 - Decomposing Sources of Productivity Change in Small-Scale Farming in Ethiopia
05-juin-2016 Working Paper 236 - Estimating Development Resilience: A Conditional Moments-Based Approach
13-mai-2016 Working Paper 235 - Social Networks, Agricultural Innovations, and Farm Productivity in Ethiopia
21-avr-2016 Working Paper 234 - The Unintended Consequences of Agricultural Input Intensification: Human Health Implications of Agro-chemical use in Sub-Saharan Africa
18-avr-2016 Working Paper 233 - Technology Adoption and Risk Exposure among Smallholder Farmers: Panel Data Evidence from Tanzania and Uganda
12-Feb-2016 Working Paper 232 - Remittances and Access to rural credit markets Evidence from Senegal
29-jan-2016 Working Paper 230 - Child Labour and Schooling in South Sudan and Sudan: Is There a Gender Preference?
29-jan-2016 Working Paper 229 - Structural change, economic growth and poverty reduction – Micro-evidence from Uganda
12-aoû-2015 Working Paper 227 - Public Debt Sustainability in Africa: Building Resilience and Challenges Ahead
12-aoû-2015 Working Paper 226 - Aid Unpredictability and Economic Growth in Kenya