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Cette série présente les résultats de la recherche sur des sujets ayant trait aux questions de politiques de développement en Afrique. Les soumissions de Travaux de Recherche en Economie peuvent émaner de tous les professionnels, veuillez consulter l’information aux auteurs pour de plus amples détails.

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06-aoû-2014 Working Paper 204 - Skills and Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa: Analysis with Evidence from Swaziland
25-juin-2014 Working Paper 203 - Immigrants, Skills and Wages in the Gambian Labor Market
29-avr-2014 Working Paper 201 - Does Intra-African Trade Reduce Youth Unemployment in Africa ?Human Capital Development, Youth, Employment, Regional Integration
29-avr-2014 Working Paper 200 - Analysis of Household Expenditures and the Impact of Remittances using a Latent Class Model: the Case of Burkina Faso
29-avr-2014 Working Paper 202 - Segmentation and efficiency of the interbank market and their implication for the conduct of monetary policy
05-mar-2014 Working Paper 197 - Estimating the Economic Cost of Fragility in Africa
05-mar-2014 Working Paper 199 - Microcredit for the Development of the Bottom of the Pyramid Segment: Impact of Access to Financial Services on Microcredit Clients, Institutions and Urban Sustainability
15-jan-2014 Working Paper 122 - Welfare Analysis Using Data from the International Comparison Program for Africa
15-jan-2014 Working Paper 117 - Supporting Africa's Post-Crisis Growth: The Role of Macroeconomic Policies
15-jan-2014 Working Paper 118 - Assessment of the Trade Finance Market in Africa Post-Crisis
03-jan-2014 Working Paper 195 - Inequality, Economic Growth, and Poverty in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
03-jan-2014 Working Paper 194 - The Impact of Community Development Works Programs (CWP) on Households’ Wellbeing in Albania
03-jan-2014 Working Paper 193 - Large Scale Agribusiness Investments and Implications in Africa- Development Finance Institutions' Perspectives
24-déc-2013 Working Paper 192 - Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Credit in Africa: Any Role for Institutional Factors
23-déc-2013 Working Paper 191 - Do Firms Learn by Exporting or Learn to Export: Evidence from Senegalese Manufacturers’ Plants
23-déc-2013 Economic & Financial Governance, Human Capital Development, Regional Integration
23-déc-2013 Working Paper 189 - An Empirical Investigation of the Taylor Curve in South Africa
23-déc-2013 Working Paper 184 - Does Oil Wealth Affect Democracy in Africa?
23-déc-2013 Working Paper 188 - Remittances and their Macroeconomic Impact: Evidence from Africa
23-déc-2013 Working Paper 187 - The Real Exchange Rate and External Competitiveness in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia