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Cette série présente les résultats de la recherche sur des sujets ayant trait aux questions de politiques de développement en Afrique. Les soumissions de Travaux de Recherche en Economie peuvent émaner de tous les professionnels, veuillez consulter l’information aux auteurs pour de plus amples détails.

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26-mar-2012 Working Paper 146 - Bank Financing to Small and Medium Enterprises in East Africa: Findings of a Survey in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia
13-mar-2012 Working Paper 64 - Linking Africa Through Regional Infrastructure
16-Feb-2012 Working Paper 145 - Assessing the Returns to Education in the Gambia
16-Feb-2012 Working Paper 144 - An Analysis of the Impact of Financial Integration on Economic Activity and Macroeconomic Volatility in Africa within the Financial Globalization Context
15-déc-2011 Working Paper 143 - Does Good Governance Create Value for International Acquirers in Africa: Evidence from us Acquisitions
09-déc-2011 Working Paper 142 - Africa’s Quest for Development: Can Sovereign Wealth Funds Help?
01-déc-2011 Working Paper 141 - Always Late: Measures and Determinants of Disbursement Delays at the AfDB
28-nov-2011 Working Paper 140 - Development Aid and Access to Water and Sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa
28-nov-2011 Working Paper 139 - The Macroeconomic Impact of Higher Capital Ratios on African Economies
28-nov-2011 Working Paper 138 - Economic Policy and Institutional Factors in the Development of Domestic Bond Markets in the CFA Zone
20-sep-2011 Working Paper 137 - Does Aid Unpredictability Weaken Governance? New Evidence from Developing Countries
19-sep-2011 Working Paper 136 - Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Inflows to Africa, 1980-2007
12-aoû-2011 Working Paper 135 - International Remittances and Income Inequality in Africa
11-aoû-2011 Working Paper 134 - Inflation Targeting, Exchange Rate Shocks and Output: Evidence from South Africa
26-juin-2011 Working Paper 127 - Chinese Infrastructure Investments and African Integration
25-juin-2011 Working Paper 133 - Monetary Policy Transmission, House Prices and Consumer Spending in South Africa: An SVAR Approach
24-juin-2011 Working Paper 132 - Manganese Industry Analysis: Implications for Project Finance
23-juin-2011 Working Paper 126 - China’s Trade and FDI in Africa
23-juin-2011 Working Paper 130 - Growth and Macroeconomic Convergence in Southern Africa
23-juin-2011 Working Paper 128 - China’s Manufacturing and Industrialization in Africa