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Rwanda - Muvumba Multipurpose Water Resources Development Program Phase 1 - P-RW-EA0-015 - RAP Summary


Muvumba multipurpose dam project is a government project that intends to construct a dam of 30.5m high and will impound 35 million cubic meter of water in Karama, Gatunda and Rukomo sectors and will supply water for domestic use to Karangazi, Rwimiyaga and Nyagatare sectors.
The dam will impound water to be used for domestic water supply, water for irrigation of 7380 ha (net command area) and water for 16 reservoirs for livestock watering, The Project aims to increase the productivity and commercialization of agriculture and livestock products through the implementation of integrated watershed management practices, water-harvesting in main and valley dams, marshland and hillside irrigation. It will help also to increase the quality and quantity of water to supply as it was observed that Nyagatare District suffers from recurrent dry spells resulted to the imbalance between water supply and demand, hence this project will help to avail water to meet the demand of different water users. In addition to the above mentioned uses, this project it will generate hydropower energy.

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