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São Tomé e Principe - Energy Transition and Institutional Support Programme (ETISP) - P-ST-FAB-002 – ESMF Summary


The small population of São Tomé e Principe (197,900 people) depends largely on biomass to meet 80% of its energy needs, which puts pressure on the environment. The Government of São Tomé e Principe’s (GoSTP) ambition is to reverse this trend by achieving universal electrification by 2030. However, while the current electricity access rate stands at 70%, the power infrastructure is aging and electricity supply is very erratic forcing businesses to run on diesel generators. The sector is also highly subsidized since the electricity production is mainly based on expensive diesel - which is imported - and tariffs are not cost-reflective. Therefore, to reduce its dependence on fossil fuel and improve the sector financials, the GoSTP aims at implementing its energy sector Least Cost Development Plan (LCDP), which targets to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix to 50% from the current levels of 5%.

The broad objective of the proposed Programme is to ensure sustainable development of STP’s power system and promote green growth by supporting the implementation of the LCDP. This will involve the diversification of the country’s electricity matrix by increasing power generation capacity based on renewable energy, increasing the reliability of power system, and promoting the sustainable and efficient use of electricity.

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