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Strengthening Agricultural Value Chains to Feed Africa - Cluster Evaluation Report


This document presents key findings and lessons from the evaluation of a cluster of nine agricultural value chain interventions by the African Development Bank (AfDB or “the Bank”) over the period 2005–2016. The nine case studies were conducted as inputs to the formative evaluation titled “AfDB Support for Agricultural Value Chains Development: Lessons for the Feed Africa Strategy,” which was completed in December 2017. The Agricultural Value Chain Development (AVCD) approach is key to the Bank’s Feed Africa Strategy (2016–2025). The Bank has increasingly been moving towards AVCD in its agricultural sector portfolio. The purpose of this cluster evaluation is twofold: a) to assess the performance of the Bank’s project approaches in relation to AVCD with respect to relevance, effectiveness, inclusiveness and sustainability; and b) to provide key lessons that can be applied for designing new AVCD interventions and improving ongoing ones.

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