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Tanzania - Msalato International Airport Development Project – RAP Summary


The Government of Tanzania through its Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) and Executive Agency (established under the Executive Agency Act, 1999) is in the process of designing and constructing a modern airport at Msalato in Dodoma Municipality, the designated capital city of the country. The proposed Msalato Airport is to be built on the right hand side along the Dodoma-Arusha highway, some 12km from the Dodoma Central Business District (CBD). The land designated for the airport is 9 km long and 5 km, i.e. approximately 45 km2. The Msalato Airport project will entail the construction of the runway, main passenger aircraft parking apron, aircraft control tower, passengers terminal and office buildings, car parking lots, shops, supermarkets, banking facilities, ancillary facilities such as fuel depots, airport catering, general aviation facilities and electrical and mechanical services including transformer and generator rooms, mechanical ventilation plant, refuse disposal units, pump rooms etc. The capacity of the airport for Phase 1 is estimated at 1,750,000 passengers per annum with about approximately 45km2.

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