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Zimbabwe - Support to the Beef and Leather Value Chains - Project Appraisal Report


Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Social-Economic Transformation (ZIM-ASSET) 2013 - 2018,' the blue print guiding Zimbabwe’s national development, identifies agriculture as the backbone of the economy underpinning economic growth, food security and poverty eradication programs. Agriculture contributes 15-18% of the country’s GDP, (30% at its peak); over 40% of national export earnings and 60% of raw materials are agro-based. In addition, over 70% of the population derives its livelihood from agriculture-related employment comprising 1/3 of the formal labor force. With approximately 40% of rural households owning at least one beast,2 the beef and leather sub-sectors are important to the agriculture sector with potential to contribute significantly to the Zimbabwean economy in terms of employment creation, income generation, and inclusive growth.

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