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Country Assessment of Agricultural Statistical Systems in Africa

The Statistics Department of the African Development Bank is pleased to share with users this Report/Publication titled “Country Assessment of Agricultural Statistical Systems in Africa - Measuring the Capacity of African Countries to Produce Timely, Reliable, and Sustainable Agricultural Statistics”.

The report presents the status of each country’s capacity in relation to four agricultural statistical dimensions (Institutional Infrastructure, Resources, Statistical Methods and Practices, and Availability of Statistical Information), each comprising an aggregation of a number of different elements/components. It provides users with an evidence on the current level of development of national agricultural and rural statistics systems, the measurement on each country’s capacity to produce timely and reliable agricultural and rural statistics.

The report identifies each country’s strengths and weaknesses and presents best practices, which other countries may emulate. The report also provides baseline information to measure individual countries’ progress toward achieving the objectives and targets set by the “Global Strategy for Improving Agricultural and Rural Statistics” (henceforth Global Strategy) in general. It also strengthens development partners’ knowledge of individual countries’ capacities, so that they may target countries that require additional assistance in specific areas.

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