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ADF promotes Good Governance, Agriculture Development and Economic Integration in Tanzania


Tunis, 12 February 2005 – The African Development Fund (ADF), the concessional window of the African Development Bank Group (ADB) supports good governance enhancement, agricultural sector development and regional integration in Tanzania.

Mr. Birama B. Sidibe, Director of the Agriculture Department for North, East and South Regions, and the Tanzanian Minister of Finance, Mr. Basil Mramba signed in Tunis three loan and grant agreements to finance the District Agricultural Sector Investment Project (DASIP); the Institutional Support Project for Good Governance; and the Lake Tanganyika Integrated Regional Development Programme (LTIRDP). The total Bank Group’s contribution for the financing of these projects amounts to 52.78 Million Units of Account (UA*) (US$ 80.25 Million), of which UA 11.79 Million (US$ 17.92 Million) ingrant terms.

The DASIP project seeks to increase agricultural productivity and incomes of rural households while the Institutional Support Project will assist the authorities in the mainland as well as in Zanzibar to undertake reforms aimed at promoting good governance. The LTIRDP is a multinational project aimed at improving the social and health conditions of people in the Lake TanganyikaBasin and covers other countries including Burundi, DRC and Zambia.

The ADB Director congratulated the Tanzanian Government on their economic improvement: "We note with appreciation the good progress that Tanzania has made in the implementation of its programme of economic and social reforms, which is anchored on the Poverty Reduction Strategy of the country. As a result, macroeconomic performance has improved significantly."

The Minister of Finance, Mr. Mramba declared : "The Tanzanian government is committed to closely monitor and successfully implement these project. The local presence of the ADB country office, now operational, will enable us to collaborate regularly with the ADB Group"

The African Development Bank Group operations in Tanzania started in 1971. To date, its cumulative commitments in the country stand at UA 929 Million equivalent to US$ 1.41 billion in 77 operations.

1UA= 1.52049 US$ as at 1/O2/2005

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