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La BAD participe à la Conférence mondiale sur la recherche agricole pour le développement 2010

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De: 28/03/2010
A: 31/03/2010

An AfDB delegation led by Sector Operations Vice President, Kamal El Kheshen, participated in a conference on agricultural research for development (GCARD 2010) which took place from  28-31 March 2010, in Montpellier, France.

The GCARD 2010 is a premier event organized by the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) in collaboration with the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR).

The conference aims at catalyzing the development of a new global agricultural research system, driven by tangible development outcomes and bringing together all actors in Agricultural Research for Development.

The GCARD processes will help refine regional and global agricultural research priorities, including Africa, as identified by different stakeholder groups. The conference’s 16 sessions will, specifically, pursue the following specific objectives:

  • Ensuring alignment of the research agenda with development needs of the resource-poor;
  • Advocating for more effective financial support; and
  • Facilitating dialogue between diverse stakeholders on innovation pathways.

Participants at the GCARD are senior policy-makers from governments, international agencies and key stakeholder organisations from all sectors involved in agricultural research for development such as farmers, consumers, civil society organisations, public and private service providers, input suppliers and market representatives, funding organisations that support research and advisory processes.

The conference was followed by a one-day informal donor consultation to reflect on the GCARD and CGIAR reform processes with emphasis on the CGIAR Strategic Results Framework (SRF), Mega Programs (MP) and Linkages.

The Bank participated in the event to contribute to a discussion on the CGIAR reform process, to get informed about the new global and regional agricultural research agenda, and to seek relevant partnerships in agricultural research for development at the global and regional levels to make a greater impact on the advancement of food security in Africa.

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