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La BAD assiste à la Conférence mondiale sur l’éducation supérieure

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The AfDB will attend the World Conference on Higher Education (WCHE). Organized by UNESCO, the event will take place from 5 – 8 July 2009 in Paris and the AfDB will be represented by an education experts’ team led by Vice President, Zeinab El-Bakri. Vice President El-Bakri will present the organization’s vision on higher education in Africa during the round-table to be held on the theme: “Promoting Excellence to Accelerate Africa’s Development: Towards an African Higher Education and Research Area”.

The AfDB Higher Education and Science and Technology (HEST) strategy, adopted in 2008, aims at assisting its regional member countries in the establishment of centers of excellence; the creation of adequate infrastructure, including construction, rehabilitation and supply of equipment for higher education, science and technology; as well as the strengthening of linkages between institutions of higher learning and research as well as the productive sectors.  

WCHE 2009 will identify concrete actions aimed at ensuring that the higher education sector meets both national development objectives and individual aspirations. It will provide an occasion for key stakeholders such as the AfDB to commit to the development of higher education and agree on action-oriented recommendations which will enable higher education research to better respond to changing labor market needs and the growing and multiple demands of society.

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