Séminaires en Inde sur les opportunités d'affaires avec la BAD

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Two Business Opportunities Seminars (BOSs) were organized in collaboration with the Export-Import Bank of India in New Delhi and Mumbai, India from 25 to 27 November 2008.  The purpose of the BOSs was to inform the Indian Business Sectors of the AfDB’s operations and pipeline projects, the current procurement rules and procedures as well as the co-investment opportunities. Presentations were made in sectors such as Infrastructure, Agriculture, Water, Procurement Procedures and Private Sector operations. 

The BOS in New Delhi was well attended by nearly 70 participants. Presentations made by the Bank staff were greatly appreciated by the participants who testified to the fact that it was indeed informative and enlightening.  They noted that this will pave the way for further increase in the participation of Indian firms/individuals in the implementation of Bank financed projects, programmes and studies.  The Indian companies’ share of Bank’s procurement was 0.11% in 2006, which has grown to nearly 12% in 2008.

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