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AfDB Publishes 50 Year Review of Africa’s Health Sector

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The African Development Bank’s Human Development and Statistics departments have published in March 2013 a joint report on the progress made in Africa’s health sector over the last 50 years. The ‘Health in Africa over the Next 50 Years’ report reviews the progress made in health outcomes, as well as access to and the use of healthcare services. It assesses the current challenges faced by the sector, focusing on the progress made toward the health-related MDGs, the need to build more robust health systems, the problems of equitable access to and use of health services, sustainable health financing, and the quality of healthcare service provision.

The review lays the groundwork for projections of the future of healthcare in Africa over the next 50 years.  The main questions will be how the sector is likely to develop, the key features of the post-2015 Development Agenda, the future of health financing, and the methods that might be deployed to strengthen human resources for health.

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