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Les discussions de la BAD avec les organisations de la société civile s’achèvent sur une note positive

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Talks initiated by the African Development Bank with civil society organisations (CSOs) on a new partnership framework in Nairobi ended on 13 March 2012 with both sides expressing the hope that the meetings marked the start of a mutually beneficial collaboration.

“CSOs appreciated this consultation. We hope it will be the beginning of an effective partnership characterized by meaningful engagement,” the CSOs said in closing group statement.

The statement said the CSOs generally agreed with the typology and mechanisms of engagement laid out in the framework matrix, noting however, that its implementation was paramount.

Both sides agreed that the partnership would act as a conduit for information sharing and dissemination.  It would create space for meaningful dialogue in which CSOs have a genuine opportunity to influence policy; as well as serve as a forum for sharing best practices

Twenty participants from eight countries in east and southern Africa countries attended the two-day talks, following a similar consultation with CSOs representatives from central, north and west Africa held in Libreville, Gabon.

The engagement framework will be reviewed internally and finalized for approval by the AfDB Board.

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