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Agriculture Fast Track Fund awards four new grants in Mozambique and Tanzania


The AfDB’s Agriculture Fast Track Fund (AFT) has awarded four new grants amounting to almost US$2,000,000 to high value agriculture infrastructure projects in Mozambique and Tanzania.

EcoFarm sugar cane production and Odebrecht Integrated Poultry Project have been selected in Mozambique, while Tanga Fresh UHT milk production and Kijani Agro high quality fresh fruits and vegetables in Tanzania will receive funding.

Odebrecth (Mozambique) plans to provide chicken products that add value to local raw material with the $555,000 it will receive from AFT, whereas EcoFarm’s sugar cane estate development (Mozambique) will use  $797,500 in funding to finance market analyses, site surveys and other preparation costs. Tanga Fresh’s UHT milk production expansion (Tanzania) with $150,500 is the third grantee, and KijaniAgro (Tanzania) is planning to offer a variety of high quality fresh fruits and vegetables with $490,000 in funding.

The four projects correspond to the AFT’s mandate to support financially sound, environmentally sustainable, and socially beneficial food security projects. They feature improved food security, access to a sustainable market, technology transfer, and opportunities for local communities while tackling gender issues. Odebretch trained 2,300 Mozambicans in Health and Safety, Environment, Quality and Psychology at Work with ACREDITAR. This company training program seeks to help young people enter the labor market. EcoFarm works with 1,150 farmers owning 50 per cent of the sugarcane estate and expects to create 1,000 jobs. Tanga Fresh pledges to increase the distribution of UHT milk to cities far inland where dairy products are not available or affordable. Kijani Agro is planning to have 1,000 smallholders benefitting from the project, including 60 per cent of women, and also plans to ensure female employees have opportunities for professional advancement.

The AFT concentrates on projects that are in the preparation stage, when funding is needed to secure an efficient transition from planning to construction. The AFT strengthens links among farmers, markets and consumers. It catalyzes private sector investments and ensures the highest standards in terms of social and environmental sustainability. The AFT contributes to better food security in Africa by helping to improve the infrastructure for agriculture.

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