Les Assemblées annuelles 2019 du Groupe de la Banque africaine de développement se tiendront du 11 au 14 juin 2019 à Malabo, en République de Guinée équatoriale. En savoir plus

“Arusha se prepare à offrir le maximum de l’hospitalité africaine si réputée” - Mary Consolate Muduuli

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Question: Can you take stock of the preparatory mission to Arusha for the 2012 Annual Meetings?

Answer: I had a very successful mission and I feel confident that everything will be ready in time for the 2012 Annual Meetings of the Bank Group in Arusha. It was very pleasing to witness firsthand the commitment from the Head of State, President Kikwete and the Minister of Finance, Hon. Mkulo for the dedicated involvement and facilitation required for the successful and timely completion of all the arrangements for these meetings. President Kikwete re-affirmed the importance attached to this event and the Governor is fully cognizant of his role, as this is the first ever biggest event under his command.

Indeed, my visit provided an important link between the PECAM team and the Government National Organizing Committee, particularly to break the ice and confront some of the more difficult challenges at the time. Hon. Mkulo, based on my request, last week made a very special two days visit to Arusha and was able to inspect and confirm status of arrangements and resolve any outstanding matters on the government side.

I was able to visit the Secretary General of the East African Community (EAC), as the Secretariat is a key partner in these arrangements. I also checked out the venue facilities with the PECAM team and visited several hotels to reconfirm the reports on services and make recommendations on further improvements.

The Arusha business community is already upbeat with excitement and anxiety to experience and benefit from the good things which come with such big meetings. At the same time, the city is also taking all the necessary measures to ensure maximum display and enjoyment of Tanzania’s well known African hospitality, by all participants in these meetings.

Question: To what extent can we say everything is in place for a successful 2012 Annual Meetings?

Answer: Well, PECAM will make its report on this question and I am yet to see the Aide Memoire signed with the Government at the end of their mission last week. However, in my assessment, Tanzania is as ready as it could possibly be at this time and I am confident that, with full cooperation between the Bank and the government, whatever remains to be completed will be completed on schedule for the May meetings to proceed successfully. My proposal to the government is for all agreed arrangements to be in place by May 15 and for us to make a weekly verification of progress, up to that date, given the distance between Arusha and Tunis.

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