Renforcement du capital humain de 1,2 million de personnes dans la région du Lac Tchad pour la lutte contre le sida

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The African Development Bank is investing in the Lake Chad Region to empower particularly women in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDs. The AfDB has been supporting skills building and education of health service providers as part of its strategy to develop the region’s human capital and improve health service delivery and HIV/AIDS responses.

The Lake Chad project has resulted in:

  • Strengthening the capacity of 1.22 million people (60 per cent of whom are women) on health priority areas, including HIV/AIDS.
  • Training of 950,000 community health providers
  • 2,593 preventions of mother-to child transmissions of HIV
  • 5,000 bed nets distributed to pregnant women
  • Training of 60 midwives in ultrasound and four doctors specializing in gynecology

The African Development Bank (AfDB) Group is preparing a Human Capital Development Strategy that sees Africa’s greatest asset as its people. A skilled, technologically savvy, mobile and healthy workforce will be key to promoting inclusive and green growth, reducing poverty and harnessing the potential of 1 billion people.

The AfDB invests in job creation and matching the supply and demand for skilled workers in efficient and innovation-driven economies; giving voice to all citizens for improved quality of public services; promoting private sector engagement; and supporting safety nets to protect against economic and social shocks.

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