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Closing Remarks by Adam Elhiraika, Director of Macroeconomic Policy Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

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Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen

It has been an honor and, indeed, a privilege for me to be with you over the last three days at the 12th session of the African Economic Conference. As you have witnessed this lively debate on the link between governance and structural transformation has brought together a distinguished mix of participation drawn Governments, academia, civil society and private sector from Africa and the rest of the World.

The various illuminating presentations as well as valuable discussions in this conference delivered over the last three days in plenary sessions, special sessions, and concurrent sessions have provided useful insights into addressing the core development issues that confront the continent.

At the plenary sessions, the issues covered reflections and perspectives on the conceptual issues as well as the practice of governance for structural transformation in Africa, the role of the State in governing development in Africa, Inclusive resource governance as a driver of structural transformation, and the role of institutions in transformative governance.

We had also lively discussions at the special sessions focused on Governance for Africa’s Industrialization and Governing Development through integrated development plans and processes, the two special events: UN-Women – discussion on the policy recommendations from the report entitled “The Cost of the Gender Gap in Agricultural Productivity” the and Book launch of “Income Inequality Trends in sub-Saharan Africa: Divergence, Determinants and Consequences” by UNDP.

The concurrent sessions were devoted to the presentations of a wide range of research papers focusing on the various critical issues covered under the main theme this Conference.

The presentation of the Best Paper Award that happened just before the closing this Conference is another remarkable event intended to encourage promising young African researchers.

It is my hope that the outcome of this Conference will assist researchers, high level experts on Africa as well as policymakers in the continent to chart a path for the successful transformation of African economies that requires effective governance underpinned by inclusive, responsive, transparent and accountable institutions and organizations.

While still calling upon development partners of Africa (both the traditional as well as emerging ones) to support the region in every possible ways and means, the future of this continent falls upon us— policymakers and researchers alike — in formulating and designing the right development path of the region.

I hope that the African Economic Conference will continue to provide a platform for the dialogue, debate and discussions on the existing and emerging development challenges of the continent to achieve the development objectives and structural transformation of Africa.

Remain assured that we — the partnering institutions—will call upon you again and again to debate on the development challenges confronting Africa in order to guarantee a better future of the continent. Allow me to seize this opportunity to thank all panelists, discussants and chairpersons who took the time to come and share their experiences with us in this conference. I also thank all the presenters for the efforts made in preparing high quality papers that has made this conference very unique and successful.

Finally, I would like to thank all the participants for the intellectually active and lively discussions at this conference. I also want to seize this opportunity to thank the secretariats of the three collaborating institutions for their efforts in organizing this timely conference. More specifically, my thanks go to the ECA team led by Gamal, AfDB team led by Salami and UNDP team led by Angela. My thanks would also go to the interpreters for the three days of very hard work, the communications team, paper reviewers, rapporteurs, protocol staff and security personnel, support staff and to all those, who in one way or another, contributed to the success of this Conference.

For those of you who came from outside Ethiopia, I wish you a safe journey back to your destinations. For those who stay, stay safe!

I thank you all!

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