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Ghana and Islamic Development Bank join African Legal Facility

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“Ghana and the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) have joined the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF), bringing its total membership to 54,” the African Legal Support Facility (ALSF) said in a statement  released on 26 June 2013. Ghana is now the 48th country to join the facility and the IsDB the sixth international organization to become a member.

“In particular, the membership of the Islamic Development Bank is a further indication of the positive spirit of cooperation demonstrated so far towards the ALSF and it shall be followed by the approval of an IsDB financial contribution to the Facility of up to US$ 1 million ,” ALSF Director, Stephen Karangizi said.

An independent body hosted by the African Development Bank (AfDB), the ALSF supports the AfDB’s Regional Member Countries in the negotiation of complex commercial transactions and litigation brought against them by vulture funds. It also provides capacity building. It was established in response to the challenges faced by African governments in their dealings with deep-pocketed international investors who often took the upper hand in negotiations.  

The ALSF provides assistance to African countries to strengthen their legal expertise and negotiating capacity in debt management and litigation, natural resources and extractive industries management and contracting, investment agreements, and related commercial and business transactions. The ALSF also grants and advances funds to African countries for legal advice from top legal counsel in these areas.  The ALSF’s goal is to ensure fair and balanced negotiations.

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