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Auditors Role Essential for Inclusive Growth, Says AfDB Auditor-General, Edward Ouko.

08-juin-2011 - What role should Auditors-General in African countries play to make inclusive growth a reality in the African Development Bank’s efforts to promote development for all , the central theme of its 2011 Annual Meetings which open in Lisbon, Portugal on Thursday?  

AfDB: “The Power of Statistics is Recognised for Inclusive Growth,” Says Expert Beejaye Kokil

06-juin-2011 - To what extent does the African Development Bank (AfDB) see inclusive growth as an overarching policy objective? What changes, if any, would Management and the Boards want to see in the Bank’s strategy, in order to deal with inclusive growth? Does the Bank have the right statistical instruments among others, to respond to the needs of its regional member countries in dealing with inclusive growth? No Bank expert is indifferent to the on-going debate on “Inclusive growth”.

La BAD approuve la définition de l'appétence au risque pour l'institution

11-mai-2011 - Rédigé par Aristide Ahouassou La gestion efficace du risque est essentielle pour la survie de toute institution financière, en particulier au vu de la volatilité actuelle des marchés financiers et des incertitudes des perspectives macroéconomiques. Le conseil d’administration de la BAD vient d’approuver un document de politique sur l'appétence au risque, qui constitue la pierre angulaire d'un cadre de gestion du risque valable pour toute l’institution. 

The Netherlands Ambassador in Tunisia, Mrs. Rita Rahman

10-déc-2008 - Question: What does your country expect from the Bank after signing this agreement on its contribution to the Partnership Secretariat of "Making finance work for Africa"?