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ITV News Vicky's Story wins AfDB 2016 Women’s Rights in Africa Award

“Something needs to be done to put an end to all forms of gender injustice” - Sipho Moyo

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Sipho Moyo, Chief of Staff and Director of Cabinet, AfDB (second from left) with from left to right Delilah Jeary, Natalie Fay and Nicky Russel Smith of ITN and Paul Martin, a producer from South Africa

"In many developing countries girls still do not have access to education. The social, cultural, political and economic odds are stacked against them. In Africa, women make up 50% of the labour force it is they who for the most part feed the continent, but they own less than 2% of the land titles... Something needs to be done to put an end to all forms of gender injustice. There are many reasons for this, and not the least of them is simply that it's the right thing to do..., " said Sipho Moyo, Chief of Staff and Director of Cabinet at the African Development Bank (AfDB). Moyo was representing the AfDB at a ceremony on 16 June in London where she presented the AfDB Women's Rights in Africa Award, 2016.

The event was organized by One World Media, a UK-based international organization, t supporting independent media that empower citizens, promote justice and contribute to international development.

ITV documentary, 'Vicky's Story' received the 2016 Women's Rights in Africa Award, sponsored by the AfDB. The story profiles one woman's mission to open up one of the toughest places in South Africa to tourism - and the ultimate price she paid for her success. She was stabbed to death in her own bedroom and her husband was convicted of her killing. A truly shocking part of Vicky's story is that in South Africa the murder of a woman by her husband or partner isn't shocking at all.

In her remarks at the ceremony, Moyo underlined the Bank's commitment to defend women's rights, as well as to promote gender equity on the African continent. "That is why we are proud to sponsor the prestigious Women's Rights in Africa Award for the second consecutive year," she added.

Moyo said that the media's role goes beyond entertainment or information sharing, and that they constitute a tool that has the power "to educate, to empower, and to inspire young girls to dare to break the mould...."

The two other nominees were: Meet The Two People Risking Everything To End This Crime Against Women, a printed article from BuzzFeed News (an internet media company) and My Nigeria - Sandra Aguebor: Lady Mechanic, a documentary from Al Jazeera.


The Winner

On Assignment: Vicky's Story - ITV News (Documentary)

Theme: Domestic violence against women

Country: South Africa

Author: John Ray (ITV) News

Type of media: Television

Vicky's story is a shocking example of the domestic violence suffered by thousands of women in South Africa every day. Vicky was something of a visionary. Her B&B in the impoverished township of Khayelitsha welcomed visitors from around the world, bringing tourism to one of the toughest places in the country. But Vicky's dream died, brutally, in November 2012 - she was stabbed to death in her bedroom. In 2015, her husband was convicted of her murder. Envy of his wife's achievements seems the likeliest motive, according to her traumatised family. In South Africa, the murder of a woman by her husband or partner isn't shocking at all, it's routine. On average, three women are killed per day by the man they should be able to trust the most.

The two other nominees

Meet The Two People Risking Everything To End This Crime Against Women - BuzzFeed News (Printed article)

Theme: Female Genital Mutilation

Country: Somalia

Author: Ms. Jina Moore (BuzzFeed News)

Type of media: Internet Media Company

Reporter Jina Moore travelled to Somalia, where she followed a doctor and an activist on the frontline of the fight against FGM in harsh, dangerous Galkayo. We meet these extraordinary people - Dr. Abul "Dhegacaade" Giama, a gynaecologist whose 'reversal' procedures relieve pain and, often, restore marital relationships, and Mama Hawa, founder of a non-profit that educates girls - who tackle the social, cultural, and economic forces that underpin FGM.

My Nigeria - Sandra Aguebor: Lady Mechanic - Al Jazeera English (Documentary)

Theme: Women in business (Economic empowerment)

Country: Nigeria

Author: Al Jazeera

Type of media: Television

"My Nigeria is where you find women who do male-dominated professions. My Nigerian women are strong women!" says the feisty Sandra Aguebor, Nigeria's first lady mechanic - on a mission to empower Nigerian women through business and skilled labour. Growing up in Benin City, her mother discouraged her from following her dream to be a mechanic. But she's now built a network of Lady Mechanics workshops across the country, training ex-sex workers, orphans and victims of trafficking to be mechanics.