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Mozambique, Niger and Zambia Discuss Challenges of Climate Resilience Planning


Zambia hosted the annual pilot countries meeting of the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR) on 12 to 13 March 2012.  Teams from Mozambique, Niger and Zambia joined counterparts from around the world in Livingstone, Zambia, to share lessons learned and best practices in developing strategic plans for climate resilience.

As an implementing agency of the Climate Investment Fund (CIF) of which the PPCR is a part, the African Development Bank (AfDB) also attended to lend support and offer input.

To maintain a programmatic approach in implementing its PPCR strategic plan, Zambia explained how it has worked to ensure its PPCR strategic plan fits into the national climate change program and is striving to harmonize legislative, institutional and other governmental considerations.

Chief Economist for Zambia's Ministry of Finance and National Development, David Kaluba, reflected that “team building across sectors, civil society and MDB partners can add time and money but provide greater value for the investments.”  He stressed the value of the comparative advantage that various partner stakeholders can bring to the process and that “Zambia is striving to build a cadre of champions from key sectors, as well as from among law makers and policy makers.”

Now that many PPCR pilot countries are moving toward implementation of their strategic plans for climate resilience, the meeting was also an opportunity to exchange views on the design and implementation of systems to monitor results and manage knowledge. Countries discussed timing, measurement, methodologies and capacity building in M&E.

All three African countries are working with the AfDB to prepare projects in their strategic plans, including one in Zambia to strengthen climate resilience in the Kafue River Basin; two in Mozambique to 1) address sustainable land and water management and 2) enhance climate resilience in agricultural production; and two in Niger to 1) improve climate forecasting and early warning systems and 2) address sustainable management and control of water resources.

PPCR pilot countries will meet again at the annual CIF Partnership Forum to take place in Turkey in November 2012. 

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