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On the AfDB partnering with the United Nations: “When the international community is playing the same game, we tend to be very good at it. And the conference we organized with the UNDP and UNECA in Kigali is an example. We’ve done it very well and we intend to proceed to do more of this in the future because we think it is very important. Individually we might not have the resources in terms of the money or the people on the ground, but when we gather together with all the experience of the various institutions, we tend to have more impact on the ground.”

Catégories: Rwanda, Gouvernance économique et financière


“African Development Bank has become the darling of all of us in Africa. Whatever African Development Bank has done in the last six, seven, eight years, let them continue to do more. We will not make the type of progress we should make in Africa until the problem of infrastructure within our different countries, within our sub-region and within the continent of Africa itself is solved. You have a growing number of young people in all our countries that are feeling hopeless because they do not see where they will get a job. So our development must be mindful of job creation, both employment and self-employment. And where do I see that will it be coming from? Agribusiness, SMEs, IT and of course manufacturing. African Development Bank, so far so good. But continue to do more.”

Catégories: Rwanda, Nigéria, Gouvernance économique et financière, Emploi


“Youth employment is a big problem everywhere, but takes a unique characteristic in Africa in that Africa is on the verge of a demographic transition. If these people who are becoming of working age do not find productive opportunities, not only will Africa face the challenge of having young people not able to use their skills and abilities, but Africa may lose also on the demographic dividend. So there is a double risk here.”

Catégories: Rwanda, Gouvernance économique et financière, Les jeunes, Human Capital Development, Emploi

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